Track list:

Worn/Scarred Rrose
18 - Samuel Kerridge - Waiting For Love Part 1 Sandwell District
Surgery Elyas
Phase - The Chasedown
Shepherd's Brine Rrose
Waterfall Rrose
Waiting For Love 3 Kerridge
Take Off Elyas
Deburring (Judgement Call Mix by Makaton) Tomohiko Sagae
Socket Ctrls
Burden Of Proof Ø [Phase]
SongTitle Artist
End Of Times (Abdulla Rashim remix) AGONY FORCES
Nebulae Exium
SCFLS-12 (Original Mix) Spherical Coordinates
The Stare (Original Mix) Rrose
Drenba Nih Sendaut OAKE
Wet Silk Will (Original Mix) Rrose Blinding Horses Regis Aber Donor & Truss Pentagons Rrose Blank CC Claro Intelecto A, With All Faces Bleached Out Rrose
[Phase] - Misaligned
Binary Opposition (Process 3) Ø [Phase]
Analogue Lies CTRLS
Deburring (Wasps Mix by Makaton and Paul Damage) Tomohiko Sagae
Learn To Fly (Maceo's 808 Dub) Odd Parents
Charge (Rrose Remix) Ctrls
Unanimity Abdulla Rashim
Emergence (In A Psychological System) Ø [Phase]
23 Lashes Rrose
Неизвестен - Ctrls - Modular Framework
Binary Opposition (Process 2) Ø [Phase]
Charge (Rich Oddie Remix) Ctrls
Distracted Ø [Phase]
[Phase] - Binary Opposition (Ben Klock Process)
Makaton - Initiation Goatbone
Thoughts & Emotions (Oscar Mulero Remix) Arrestar
Safety Word (Original Mix) Makaton
SongTitle Artist
Binary Opposition (Process 1) Phase
SCFLS-17 (Original Mix) Spherical Coordinates
8.Orphx - 1200 μRH
Momentum (Ø [PHASE] Remix 2) Jeroen Search, Ø [PHASE]